HealthFull Update - About Prices and Service Levels

After a successful Launch campaign earlier this year, HealthFull Launch Discounts have expired at the end of May 2023. Find out here what this means for you. Additionally, we provide you with a brief update regarding our ongoing service quality improvement.

Did HealthFull recently change its prices?

Individual HealthFull Meals are still priced at $15.90 per meal.

Limited-time Launch Discounts were available on Meal Packages, which combine 14, 56, or 216 meals in one purchase. The launch period ended on May 29, 2023, and Meal Packages are currently only available with a Package Discount.

Can HealthFull customers reorder at Launch Prices?

HealthFull customers who purchased their products before 29 May 2023 will receive four unique Discount Vouchers that will lower the current Meal Package prices to the Launch Price. These Discount Vouchers can be used until 30 June 2023.

You will receive these discount vouchers by email if you subscribed to our Newsletter and bought one or more HealthFull products before 29 May 2023. Please contact our Customer Service team if you did not receive these vouchers.

What else changes after the launch period?

  • Product availability
    Currently, all meals are available. We have improved our sourcing of ingredients, and we will continue to invest in this area. Consequently, the risk of not having your meals ready on time will be minimised.
  • Lead times
    The time between placing an order and receiving the first delivery has been halved. As of 1 June 2023, all orders can be scheduled for delivery one week after they are placed
  • Customer services
    In June 2023, we will upgrade our Customer Service organization to provide you with faster and more accurate responses.
  • Changing delivery dates, swapping a meal
    With our new self-service platform, customers will also be able to easily change delivery dates or swap meals. We will launch the new platform after all tests have been successfully completed within the next few months.

At HealthFull, we strive to continuously improve our service levels.