About HealthFull

Diet, did you eat that?

Why HealthFull was set up?

There are a few myths that we, as a team of healthcare professionals and ready-to-eat F&B veterans have set ourselves to debunk and make known to our customers.

  • Myth #1: “The Keto Diet is an effective, healthy and sustainable plan for weight loss”
  • Myths #2: “All weight loss diets are non-tasty and bland in taste”

Our Answer:

As healthcare professionals, fitness and wellness coaches can attest, there is no lack of supposedly effective diets, “lose weight quick” plans and “guaranteed weigh loss” programs out in the popular world and social media these days. Among those which, recently, have attracted much attention and which can be truly effective if practiced correctly, is the “Keto Diet”. The conventional "Keto Diet", however, loads up on animal protein, saturated fat, and may include bacon, and other substitutes for carbohydrates like butter, coconut oils, etc. Whilst weight loss is achieved, many patients in healthcare practice come back with sky-high blood cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of heart attack, and stroke, – leading to the term "Dirty Keto" which has made many professionals wary of Keto Diets.

Keto diets must be carefully prepared and planned to optimize the full benefits of a healthy weight loss programme. Therefore, our experts have curated a Healthy Keto Diet and Meal Packages in which we:

  • Calculate Calories of Individual Meals: We carefully calibrate the calories needed exactly for an individual to have sufficient energy intake for life and activity, and still achieve weight loss.
  • Control Net Carbohydrates in Every Meal: We lovingly design meals to control Net Carbohydrates, so that once it's below a certain level, the body starts burning fat.
  • Create Fulfilling and Deliciously Satisfying Meals: We select and measure out our ingredients to help you stay full and satisfied until the next meal.
  • Offer Healthy Meals Low in Saturated Fat, Trans Fat and kept within the daily limits of dietary cholesterol, so that these meals are friendly to your heart.
  • Retain the Varieties of Local Favourites and Flavours: Especially important in a multi-cultural food heaven like Singapore!

Our purpose in setting up HealthFull is to ensure our customers get the full benefit of a healthy, weight loss diet and meal plan, whilst enjoying quality, wholesome and flavourful meals. Our chefs strictly follow a set of core principles:

  • Customised recipes, scientifically calculated portions, and choice of condiments.
  • Healthy ingredients, food preparation, and cooking methods.
  • Tasty and authentic culinary experience.

    Who's behind HeathFull?

    We are a team of healthcare professionals and ready-to-eat F&B veterans, with a mission to fulfill our customers with their weight and health goals.

    What does this mean for you?

    You can be assured of:

    • Proven scientific record and clinically tested healthy meals.
    • High Quality of food through food safety and food hygiene quality certifications like GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000.