New meal packages, created with the needs and tastes of Singaporeans in mind.

What makes Healthfull diets different?

Before we launched HealthFull, we talked to experts and people like you to figure out why dieting is still so hard.

We learned a lot!
You told us that diets can be boring, and the food often is tasteless. Shopping for special ingredients or preparing those healthy meals is time-consuming. And there is doubt about how diets really work.
That's why we decided to launch HealthFull.

Our recipes combine the locally developed Healthy Ketogenic Diet concept, based on the latest scientific insights, with creativity, popular local and global flavours, and a whole lot of freshness!
Healthy Keto is the way to go! Check out our convenient meal packages full of tasty, healthy lunch and dinner dishes.

Our Chefs prepare each and every HealthFull meal with love, and immediately blast freeze them so taste, nutrition, and freshness are preserved. Of course we deliver at your doorstep.
All you have to do is heat and eat, and take control of your weight again!

Nutritious & Delicious

The HealthFull Way

We combine calibrated calories and a controlled net carb intake, to make sure you start burning fat.

Each Healthy Keto meal is created to keep you satisfied until the next one.

And yes, we pack every meal with flavour and freshness, because that's what Singaporeans love!

Feel Better
It's Time to start with HealthFull

We have a lot of options for you in the kitchen! Check out our menu and order just a few meals to try. Even better: order the One Week Trial Package, now at a special discounted price.

Or choose one of our convenient multi-week Meal Packages, the best way to pay less and enjoy more.

Easy way to measure
Now you know your diet works

Healthy Keto, calibrated calories, net carb intake, nutrition facts labels...

There's so much information, but how do you make sure you're doing the right thing?

Here's where wireless glucose monitor sensors come in. The waterproof sensors can be easily applied to your arm, and you can check your blood sugar levels with a free app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Check your blood sugar before and after meals with the app. Learn that regular meals can spike your blood sugar 2-3 times higher than HealthFull meals. Now you can lose weight with confidence!

Now at National University Hospital

HealthFull meals are now available at Health & U @ Medical Center
NUH Medical Center Zone B, Level 1 #01-31

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We've cut down on disposable plastics. 90% of our meal packaging is paper and biodegradable.

We believe in fully utilising all parts of valuable crops. Barley is often harvested just for their sugars. Since HealthFull doesn't use sugar in our keto recipes, we share these crops with other food manufacturers to fully extract the goodness of the crop. We design some of our meals with specialty noodles made from the nutritious protein and fibre extracted from barley grain.

Getting weekly deliveries?
You can help us out by returning the insulated bag to our deliveryman for reuse.