The HealthFull Meal Packages

Why HealthFull?

Finally there is a diet that is based on the latest scientific insights, and takes into account how we Singaporeans like to enjoy our meals: easy to prepare and full of flavour, variety and freshness.

HealthFull Meal Packages are based on the innovative Healthy Ketogenic Diet concept. Singaporean dietitians combined their wealth of experience and observations with the latest scientific insights to create this well-balanced diet plan. It's a calorie-calibrated diet that helps you to control your net carbohydrate intake, so the body fat starts burning. It is a diet curated to keep you full and satisfied between meals. A diet that ensures each meal is nutritious, so you naturally feel better.

Best of both worlds

All our HeathFull meals and Meal Packages are the result of an exclusive collaboration between dietitians and chefs. They apply the Healthy Ketogenic Diet concept to your favourite local and international dishes, using carefully selected ingredients. The result is delicious and helps to keep your weight in check.


What's included?

Each HealthFull Meal Package combines 14 tasty, healthy meals for lunch and dinner. You can choose between a One Week Trial Package, a 4-Week Meal Package and a 13-Week Meal Package. 

Chefs prepare each and every HealthFull meal with love, then blast freeze them so taste, nutrition, and freshness are preserved. Reheating and serving meals is easy, based on our detailed instructions.

All HealthFull Meal Packages are delivered once a week to your doorstep, free of charge. Meals are delivered weekly to ensure they fit your freezer. 
When you order a 4-Week or 13-Week Meal Package, you get access to a convenient control panel on our web store , so you can pause upcoming deliveries or swap meals to suit your tastes.

Want to taste a few meals first? No problem, order individual meals here.
Our regular delivery fee is $7.00, but all orders of $79 or more are delivered free of charge.

Try first
1-Week Trial Package
Try 14 delicious meals for lunch and dinner in one convenient delivery.

Now $12.50/meal
Total $175
Your savings: $47.60
Limited time
4-week Meal Package
4 weekly deliveries of 14 meals, for lunch and dinner. Swap meals in between deliveries, or pause deliveries while traveling.

Now $11.90/meal
Total $666.40
Your savings: $224.00
The Best Deal
13-week Meal Package
Save more, and achieve the best results with this 13-week diet plan. Our HealthFull favourite!

Now $10.90/meal
Total $1,983.80
Your savings: $910.00

*Good to know:
After you click the ORDER NOW button, it takes a few seconds to prepare your meal package and bring you to the checkout page. No need to click twice 😀