Origin Story/ About Us

Convention "Keto Diet" loads up on saturated fat, fatty meat like bacon, butter, coconut milk
So, even though weight loss is achieved, many patients come back with sky-high cholesterol levels - "Dirty Keto"
Hence the need for a carefully designed diet:

· Calculate the calories needed exactly, for weight loss
· Net Carbohydrates controlled - once it's below a certain level, the body starts burning fat


At the Core:
5 elements of the HealthFull Diet:

Plus some emotional points

Satisfied, feel full

Many weight loss diets (especially Fad Diets) are popular for a short time, making claims for fast weigh loss or health improvements requiring little or no effort, but do not become standard dietary recommendations in the clinical setting.

Examples include: Intermittent fasting, Paleo diet, Detox diet, Milk Shake diet, South Beach, Military 3 Day, Acai Berry diet, Apple Cider Vinegar diet, Blood type diet, Cabbage/ Grapefruit diet, etc.

And who hasn’t heard these complaints from dieters:
Bland, repetitive, monotonous, boring, overdosed with supplements, unnatural…!
Many report getting hungry in between meals, and end up snacking between meals.
Or just plain give up, especially when temptations abound in Food Heaven Singapore!

HealthFull has all the Pros of conventional Keto Diet (which has a generally good record of effectiveness): rapid weight loss, reduce appetite, maintain muscle mass, blood glucose control.

The key problems with convential Keto are long-term sustainability; and, more seriously, the increase in bad “LDL” cholesterol, and other health risks such as heart disease and stroke because of this.

With HealthFull diet, you will not have this increased risk, and you will still get to eat nice-tasting healthy meals!

· Calculate the calories needed exactly, for weight loss
· Net Carbohydrates controlled - once it's below a certain level, the body starts burning fat

Instructions/ Further Tips For those already started on the HealthFull Diet or Program

"Keep active"

If you're diabetic and not on medication (except Metformin alone) - the diet will be fine.
If you're on any other diabetic medications, your sugar levels may be better controlled on the diet, so please consult your doctor to monitor it in case your medications can be decreased over time. If your doctor is keen to learn more, here is the link :
This diet is not suitable for Type 1 Diabetes, Kidney Failure, for children <18 years old

For medical and healthcare professionals who are caring for someone on HealthFull diets:


In 1-2 paragraphs: This is the diet,

Then a table of nutritional values , that compares conventional


For credibility.

Weight control or management protects a person from weight-related diseases, which include sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, and other negative health conditions. Losing weight is one of the easiest ways to improve your health.

Indeed, lifestyle management including diet and exercise to reduce overweight, is the first line of treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.

• Calibrated calories needed exactly for an individual to have sufficient energy intake for life and activity, and still achieve weight loss.
• Designed meals controlling Net Carbohydrates, so that once it's below a certain level, the body starts burning fat.
• Curated to help the consumer stay full and satisfied, especially in between regular mealtimes.
• Retained the varieties of local flavours, especially in a multi-cultural food heaven like Singapore!

Delicious meals that will help you stay on track to losing weight

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too!